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charles jeremy st john holland

Really good post - very interesting. I linked to it - I hope you don't mind as my post contains a passing non-abusive reference to Poundbury! I find myself equally agnostic on the new towns issue: simultaneously offended by both the protesters and the proposals. On balance the proposals get it for me. Judi Dench, John Nettles and Jilly Cooper is a fearsome protest squad though.


Excellent post.
On an anecdotal level, I know someone involved in a rural planning committee who has been trying to promote the use of a number of derelict airfields for Eco-Town developments. Nobody is interested, least of all the developers.

charles holland

p.s. forgot to include url.


Charles Holland's article can be found here.

I'll try and keep the list up to date as more details emerge and more of the runners fall by the wayside. Maybe we should open a book on which ones will get built?

@Murphy: Some of the eco-towns are proposed partly on disused airfields, eg RAF Coltishall. However, some that purport to be brownfield developments are predominantly green field developments. More details to follow.

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