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To me it seems simple, clean, uncluttered... a relief for sore eyes.


Yes, sometimes it would be great if our city streets could be free of all the optical clutter, street furniture and other visual pollution.

There's a saturation point with signage and street furniture I think, beyond which none if it actually stands out or is 'readable'. At a certain level signage no long signifies anything - it becomes a free-form composition in it's own right. Which can also be quite visually exciting. Places such as Tokyo and Los Vegas are almost pure sign-space.

Maybe in our augmented reality future all signage will be digital overlays that we can turn off or on, and filter as desired.

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Well, you have a point regarding the "overflowing" optical clutter cost by signages but look at the city concept carefully. Without those signages on steel strapping seals, we wouldn't know which shop sells which. We'll keep on guessing, entering from shop to shop, til you find the commodity you're trying to buy. Worst, if you have to guess if the door is actually a shop or not - it'll waste time. These signs actually provide us information; it's not just for marketing. As for the posters and graffiti, I think it's fair enough that the town's strict about it.

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