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Grrr. You know, before I put up a link to that poll it was 60/40 in favour of knocking it down, then when I checked a few hours later it was on about 90/10: I suspect skullduggery.

Luder (or, more likely as the actual designer Rodney Gordon) only has a few surviving major buildings left - one of em is Eros House not far from me in Catford, which I must go and take photos of sometime. But he's widely represented in the 1980 Pevsners, so I wonder what else is left undemolished..?


I posted a trackback to your article, but maybe it got eaten! Anyway an excellent piece on Trinity Car Park. I wish necessary redevelopments could have included in them some sort of ambition (for lack of a better word) for the places they are built in.

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